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L Shaped Maternity Pillow for Side Sleeper

L Shaped Maternity Pillow for Side Sleeper

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Make pregnancy easier with our L-shaped maternity Pillow. Ideal for side sleepers, it offers precise support with cotton blend cover.


  • Designed to offer optimal support and comfort during pregnancy.
  • Quality and luxury woven into every stitch.
  • Combines breathability and durability.
  • Offers firm yet gentle support.
  • Easy maintenance ensures long-lasting freshness and comfort.
  • Ample size to accommodate every stage of pregnancy.
  • Can be used as a neck pillow to relieve neck pain
  • Improved lumbar support

Product Dimension


  • Hollow Fibre
  • Polyester

Detailed Description

Experience the epitome of comfort and support with our L-Shaped Maternity Pillow, meticulously designed for the discerning side sleeper. Every curve and contour is tailored to cradle your body in a gentle embrace, alleviating the strains of pregnancy and ensuring restful slumber.

Crafted with precision in the heart of the United Kingdom, our pillows boast a plush cotton blend cover, combining the timeless elegance and breathability of cotton with the durability of polyester. Nestle into a world where softness and support coexist, ensuring every night is a journey to rejuvenation.

Filled with premium 100% bounceback hollowfibre, this pillow is not just an accessory but a sanctuary of comfort. Every strand is engineered to respond to your body’s unique contours, offering targeted support that eases the pressures of maternity. The long leg measures a generous 115cm, while the short one extends to 75cm, making it a versatile companion for side sleepers of every stature.

Hand washable and easy to care for, this L-shaped marvel is as practical as it is luxurious. Each pillow is crafted to meet the highest standards of British craftsmanship, ensuring it remains a treasured part of your nightly retreat through every season of maternity.

Take comfort in knowing that each restful moment is supported by a pillow designed with your well-being in mind, meeting the refined tastes and standards of our esteemed British clientele. This isn’t just a pillow; it’s an experience of luxury, comfort, and meticulous British craftsmanship.

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